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RRD Pro Flex Carbon 100 Vario Paddle
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RRD Pro Flex Carbon 100 Vario Paddle

RRD Pro Flex Carbon 100 Vario Paddle

The new composite paddle collection offers a large variety of paddles for different uses, based on different types of blades and shaft stiffness. The concept is very simple. We have started from a very reliable, fully proven blade design that incorporates super efficient water penetration together with a very stable feel under every paddle stroke and a superior lift given by the special concave design ending with a slight positive ‘hook’ shape in the blade tip.

The stiffer 100% carbon content paddles are designed for pro or hi-performance users who want to save as much weight as possible and maximize power transfer from the body to the paddle.

No compromise, only result oriented paddles.


Pro active flex carbon 100 Fixed paddle


Fix cut to lenght

Shaft / Ext Diameter In Mm:

Oval 29-27

Paddle Lenght In Cm:


Blade Width / Lenght In Cm:

19 cm wide, 42.5 cm lenght

Blade Width / Lenght In Inches

7.5” wide, 16.7” lenght

Blade Area:

88 sqi

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