OUKAI SUP Board 11'2 x 32"Radz Hawaii Tape Kantenschoner

OUKAI SUP Board 12'6 x 30"
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OUKAI SUP Board 12'6 x 30"

OUKAI SUP Board 12'6 x 30"

The Race 12'6 x 30" is an extremly fast board. The straight outline offers great tracking an the wide box tail makes the boar easy to turn around the mark. A generous EVA pad are4a allows to move around the board during down-winders as well as during racing.

OUKAI SUP Board 12'6 x 30" - TECHNOLOGY

Oukai´s inflatable paddle boards are manufactured with super-strong high-density drop-stitch material and re-inforced with double wall PVC rails. This provides a strong, durable and stiff construction. The two outer layers of coated PVC are connected by thousands of thin but strong internal threads which allow the board to hold the shape when inflated to high pressure ( up to 15 psi ). The double wall rails give the board a unique stiffness, it also eliminates the risk of puncture or material failure. This allows you to use the board with total confidence.


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