ION Ballistic Slipper 1,5mmION Claw Gloves 3/2 Neopren Handschuhe

ION Ballistic Toes 2,0
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ION Ballistic Toes 2,0

ION Ballistic Toes 2,0mm


Ballistic Sole: super resistant ARAMID sole protects against sharp mussels, coral reef and other sharp objects
Internal split toe: eliminates the spongy feeling in the toe area (execpt the Ballsitic Toes: these shoes even have the external spilt!)
Segmented sole: strategic cuttings enhance flexibility of the sole
Barefoot Feeling: 3rd generation of the ultimate combination of warmth and barefoot feeling!
Panda_Paw: a new and softer rubber used as a mid sole increases the abrasion resistance NEW!
External Split Toe: enhances control and freedom of movement
Grip print: gives you just the right friction in footstraps
FL_Seams: flexible, non-irritating seams



A_Type Neoprene (Airprene): hole punched neoprene for faster water release and thus better grip

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